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Naluu DJ Naluu started her carrier as DJ since 2012 playing Techno, Tech house, Deep house, selecting from lounge tune to deep techno sounds. After playing in Berlin, Germany in 2017, Recently Played with Shlømo from France in Osaka in April 2018. She regularly plays in Osaka local clubs and bars such as Alzar, Roof top bar OO,club Joule, cafe Absinthe, zakuro, Kyoto world, One of the remarkable party she played was with Ukrainian female DJ Nastia, Berra Sarris from Enter led by Richie Hastin,Patrick Topping Hed Kandi by ministry of sound (UK) , Der Dritte Raum, with David Hulskin from Rebellion (Amsterdam), Hayden James from Maison Kitsune, DJ falcon and Shlømo and Beroshoma a.k.a Frank Muller. Her DJ set was not only to be heard at club but also at international radio show. Ibiza Live Radio played her 1 hr set in Ibiza, Spain and SINESTESIA milano online radio show also played her set for its second year. Naluu keep to expand her stage from local to international one. Her ambition and passion to music never ends! 2012年よりtechno, tech house, deep house.