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Our DJs carefully create Mixtapes with thoroughly selected professional DJs.
Our mixtapes are updated every month because your place have to stay trendy.

Metalepse Explosive techno spreader Harry Morant aka Metalepse creates dynamic and energizing sets which combine sweet melodies with powerful techno to rock audiences across China. Born in 1988 in Reims, France, Metalepse grew up creative and determined. He started out as a multi-talented guitarist, pianist and drummer at the age of 15, astounding his friends with his vast capabilities. Channeling his creative energies with his instrumental knowledge into brand new compositions, Metalepse re-entered the music industry with a whole new set of ideologies. Now, with a constant stream of imagination and creativity, he continues to create fiery mixes. Hard-working and a determined learner, he believes that there’s always more to learn about the music industry and more to accomplish. Keeping his head in the game, Metalepse always knows about new talent, new labels and new producers.