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Giulio Perinello

Giulio Perinello Italian musician, Dj and producer actually living in Shanghai. He began his relationship with music more than 20 years ago playing electric bass with several bands, specialized in funky and rock. After a few years he also started to explore electronic music, beginning his long journey as producer and performer. In 2010 he graduated in music production in the italian APM institute. Until now he has been exploring a wide range of music styles and working on several projects , also in collaboration with other artists , cultivating his passion for music in many ways. Since 2006, when he moved to Spain, he developed his own sound as dj too, proposing his music in several clubs and events in Madrid, Ibiza, London , Mexico , Portugal and Italy . He has been working as composer and producer for various projects, also releasing tracks with the House music label CondeDuque from Chile. Music has always been the most important thing in his life. Actually in Shanghai he is developing shows of various format, focusing on different music styles and also cooperating with other musicians for new concept live shows, keeping alive his love for music research and experimentation. He is involved in several projects as bass player , live electronic musician and producer ; He is teaching music production and working as composer for original soundtracks used in commercial videos and brand events like the last NIKE presentation in Shanghai. During more than 10 years of activity as a Dj he has been selecting and collecting an extensive music library that covers the modern music in all its aspects, being able to create connections between different ages and genres in unexpected ways. In his live sets he approaches mixing in his own personal way, using a combination of famous and underground music, in order to improvise a set that everytime sounds unique, taking care of creating a connection with the crowd and adapting himself to any situation. Since he moved to China he has performed as solo artist and with other live projects in the most important clubs in Shanghai and several festival like the Amsterdam Dance Event. He has played for exclusive private events around China ,and for brands including Porsche, Piaget , Paul Frank and many others.