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Our DJs carefully create Mixtapes with thoroughly selected professional DJs.
Our mixtapes are updated every month because your place have to stay trendy.

DJ WU Wu a magic DJ that shuttle commercial and underground clubs, The founder of Chengdu Lab studio, and co-founder of party brand Warming Up, No Requests Funky Wednesday, and participated in the event planning of HWG underground club in Chengdu. He used to work hard 8 hours a day to parctice scratching and broke into the DMC World dj Competition China finals. More than 6 years of experience in the commercial night clubs, let him know how to control the dance floor. He is now more interested in Techno's delicate mixing and synthesizer technology, and has quickly established his own music studio into the music production. From the golden age of Hip-Hop in China to the today's new era of electronic music, from a small bar that can only hold dozens of people, to large clubs and music festivals, Wu has infected the scene through the expertise he learned and his natural insight. He firmly believes that there is no boundary between music, and all kinds of musical styles have the meaning of existence and suitable scenes for playing.