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Our DJs carefully create Mixtapes with thoroughly selected professional DJs.
Our mixtapes are updated every month because your place have to stay trendy.

Anty Flex
Anty Flex, Russia
Anty Flex is a perfectionist, completely focused on each small details of his tracks, in order to make the music whi...more...
CANINE, France
Musician, DJ & electronic Music enthusiast alike, Romain B. aka CANINE hails out of Cannes, France. He has spent a lot o...more...
DJ Tayta
DJ Tayta, Colombia
As a DJ and producer, Colombian native Tayta is able to move between and blend genres seamlessly. He has performed in to...more...
DJ Tuto
DJ Tuto, Spain
Eduar Vallejo, aka DJ TUTO, is a Spanish DJ who´s been based in Shanghai since 2008. Moved by his passion for music, h...more...
DJ WU, China
Wu a magic DJ that shuttle commercial and underground clubs, The founder of Chengdu Lab studio, and co-founder of party...more...
Electronail, France
Electronail is a french Music producer who has been creating music for 15 years and tried to make music with his heart a...more...
The most genuine and versatile guy in the underground scene of South West China. Gennady is a multi-talented artist on h...more...
Gianluca Vacchi
Gianluca Vacchi, Italy
Gianluca Vacchi is an Italian entrepreneur, financier, DJ.
Giulio Perinello
Giulio Perinello, Italy
Italian musician, Dj and producer actually living in Shanghai. He began his relationship with music more than 20 years ...more...
Gloria Ansell
Gloria Ansell, HONG KONG
GLORIA ANSELL BIO Influenced largely by electronic dance music, Gloria Ansell’s sets are a musical journey with ...more...
IGA, Ukraine
IGA is a DJ from Ukraine, traveling around the world to develop energetic and quality electronic music ! Underground mus...more...
James Bund
James Bund, France
Ji Na
Ji Na, Canada
Born and raised in Canada, Ji Na is a Shanghai based DJ who has always had inspiration in creative arts. Of Korean desce...more...
Korama, France
Matthieu Ventelon, aka Korama, draws first his love for music in classical piano, blues and Radiohead. Musically educate...more...
Lev Zeppelin
Lev Zeppelin, U.S.
Originally from the US, Lev Zep has been based in Asia for the last 7 years with a focus on Music and Events Management....more...
Lina K
Lina K, Moldova
Moldavian born , China based Lina K. Growing up in an eclectic diet of techno and deep house provided by her young recor...more...
Lucy Wang Started her DJ career in 2008 influenced by well known German DJs. She often went to watch them produce music ...more...
Marco Duits
Marco Duits, Netherlands
Marco DUITS has been spreading the gospel of house, disco and techno in Chengdu over a decade. From street party to his ...more...
Metalepse, France
Explosive techno spreader Harry Morant aka Metalepse creates dynamic and energizing sets which combine sweet melodies wi...more...
Naluu, Japan
DJ Naluu started her carrier as DJ since 2012 playing Techno, Tech house, Deep house, selecting from lounge tune to deep...more...
SongFei, China
Song Fei has been DJ-ing for sixteenyears and started his career in Beijing in 1998. Back then he was more focused on Hi...more...
Sonny Zamolo
Sonny Zamolo, France
Sonny Zamolo is a French DJ and producer from Paris and based in Shanghai. His career truly started when he won Pete...more...
Steo Le Panda
Steo Le Panda, France
Steo Le Panda believes that when you do what you love, it gives you strength. You will always be motivated. You will tru...more...
TiTi, France
DJ TiTi is a french DJ producer born in Funky raised to Electronic, spinned in tons of rave accross Europe. Focused on b...more...
VLTRA_U, Serbia
Uros Veselinovic a.k.a. VLTRA_U (pronounced Ultra U) is no stranger to dance music: since his early teens he had enjoyed...more...
Kriss Kross Amsterdam
Kriss Kross Amsterdam, Netherlands
Kris Kross Amsterdam is a Dutch DJ and record producer trio formed by brothers Jordy and Sander Huisman and Yuki Kempee...more...